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Possible Canon Rebel DSLR; speculations on Canon releases

Canon Rumors has received these set of specifications, which seem to indicate a new, upcoming Rebel (alternatively ‘other’ 60D specs, although that is highly unlikely):

– Articulating screen
– Metal body, but smaller than 50D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p Video at 30fps
–  Electronic Level
– New battery & battery grip

Speculations: February 9 announcements to contain the 60D and 1Ds Mark IV, as well as companion and individual lenses. We don’t think, at this stage, that Canon will release a Rebel – March or April seems more likely. An EOS 550D could be next (no current rumours on the next Rebel camera aside from ‘550D’, which seems highly probable), or a 1500D/2000D (depending on the name, an update to the 1000D which so far has not been updated since the 450D).


Panasonic releases Lumix DMC-FS10, DMC-FS11, DMC-FS30 and DMC-FS33

Panasonic has unveiled its Lumix DMC-FS10, DMC-FS11, DMC-FS30 and DMC-FS33 digital cameras.

The FS10 and FS11 come equipped with a 28mm wideangle 5X zoom lenses, as well as Mega OIS, 2.7″ screens, Venus Engine IV processors and 720p MJPEG format HD video recording. The FS11 sports a 14MP sensor, while the FS10 makes do with 12MP. Choice of colours include silver, black, blue and pink; the FS11 will also come in red, the F10 also in orange.

The FS30 and FS33 both feature an 8X image-stabilised zoom lenses, starting at a 28mm-equivalent wideangle. They feature 14MP 1/2.33″-type sensors, and HD video recording in the MJPEG format at 720p. Their differences come with the screens: the FS33 has a 3″ touch-screen with an anti-reflective coating, allowing users to select the focusing and metering areas simply by tapping the desired point on the preview image. Meanwhile, the FS30 makes do with a conventional 2.7″ LCD. Both cameras will be available in a range of colors.


Kodak unveils Slice touchscreen camera

Kodak has announced the ‘Slice’ touchscreen camera.

It features a 14MP sensor, 5x optically stabilized zoom lens, a 3.5″ LCD screen, and will be available in black, nickel and ‘radish’ colors for USD $349.95 from April 2010. It also has internal memory to store up to 5000 HD-resolution images. The camera combines its share and face recognition functions to tag pictures directly for easier access and upload to social-network sharing websites.


Samsung announces CL80 and TL240 touch-screen cameras

Samsung has launched its CL80 and TL240 new touch-screen cameras.

Both cameras feature 14MP sensors, which are housed in hydro-formed metal bodies. The CL80 (or ST5500 in Europe) offers a 3.7″ AMOLED touch-sensitive display, while the TL240 (ST5000 in Europe) has a simpler 3.5″ LCD screen. The CL80 also offers both Wi-Fi and BlueTooth connectivity for transferring movies and images. Both cameras have 7X zoom lenses and up to 720p HD video. The models are inclined towards self-timer photos – they tilt backwards at 7 degrees to ensure they point up towards the subject.


Nikon D3s almost completely true

The Nikon D3s rumours that have been flying around are almost certainly true.

The ‘known’ (mutually discussed) specs, which CameraTech has sifted out after about a month of rumours, look to be:

– 1080p HD recording @ 24ps
– 14 fps, the cause of which is an additional EXPEED processor
– ISO range of 200-12,800, with an additional ‘HI-3’, which extends to 102, 400 ISO
– 12.1 MP full frame sensor

There should also be a AF-S 16-35mm f/4 ED VR lens coming out, designed for FX. The specs seem about right: VR ‘compensates’ for the f/4 and the rest of it seems decent.

As for when it will be out, it should be announced on October the 15th, although that could vary. At the least, it’s expected on the second week of October.

That particular date was retrieved from Nikon France, which had the schedule for the Paris Expo:

Jeudi 15 octobre 2009, invité d’honneur Vincent Munier à 15h

11h00-12h00 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon
12h45-13h45 Nikon Capture NX2, en quelques clics Responsable formation Nikon School
15h00-16h00 Témoignage professionnel par Vincent Munier Photographe professionnel ‘’nature’’
16h45-17h45 Présentation nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon

The line in bold, ‘présentation nouveau reflex ‘, means ‘(the) presentation (of a) new (D)SLR’. They could be announcing the D3000 or D300s, but that then would be plural. Hence the relevance between the D3s and the 15th of October — but only time will tell.

The D3s is the successor to the original D3 (also known as D3H), which has been discontinued (unconfirmed).

RRP looks to be sitting at around $5K (USD).

Note: not to be confused with the plural of the D3. Please also note that these are not confirmed rumours.

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