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Expectations and Speculations of PMA 2010

PMA 2010 approaches; one of the major photography-related shows in the USA – and with branches worldwide – it annually brings lots of speculation. The event is being held at Anaheim, California from February 21-23.

Canon: 1Ds Mark IV, 60D and maybe three new lenses as a possibility; though there is a chance of a Rebel. Canon will be having announcements on February 9th, so we assume that’s when Canon will bring out its best.

Nikon: because we have not had an in-depth summary for Nikon, unlike the Feb 9 announcements in Canon, this may be somewhat longer. To see other brands, please look below these paragraphs.

– On the 20th, Mr. Tetsuro Goto, the Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon Japan, did an interview with a French magazine. Here at some points:

  • No medium format from Nikon: “We have no experience in the niche market of medium-format. It may simply be impossible for Nikon to go on the market.”
  • On Micro 4/3 & Nikon: “If we follow this type of equipment, we change our frame (mount). The new frame will provide new opportunities or provide access to new technologies and to use targets smaller and lighter”.
  • Large sensor compact camera: “We study this way. You’ll know soon enough.”
  • On EVF: “In the near future, it is possible that we will also use electronic viewfinders, but for now the quality is not there yet.”
  • On SWM (Silent Wave Motor): “We are currently investigating a new system for the future.”

A picture of a D700x (shown below, image NR):

A translation reads:

Nikon D700X
Price  350000 yen  (around?)
Special Feature: Fitted with the 24MP CMOS sensor that is the same (level?) as the D3X
The super high quality 24 million pixel CMOS sensor fitted in D3X

Another DSLR possibility is the D900. Previously, models listed as ‘compatible’ under different products have mentioned a D900 (Nikon Rumors has reported these, but Camera Tech has not mentioned these due to improbability). However, yet another one, from the back of a Phottix Titan battery case, it has mentioned the D900. Potentially, it could be real, although on their website there is no mention of this compatibility.

For a list of  previously reported products for Nikon D900 click here, here, and here (will link to Nikon Rumors).

Another translation from the same foreign source that linked the D700x:

AFS Nikkor 18-50 mm f3.5-4.5G
Reasonably-priced, high-quality FX standard zoom

as well as some discussion on a potential AF-S 85mm F1.8G and AF-S VR 80-400mm f3.5-5.6G.

In addition to the D700x, lies talk of D95 as well.

Every rumor is taken from just one of these predictions by three distinguished professional photographers you see on the lower left side of the page in the link Mr. Fool provided. On the upper right side, it reads “New Full frame camera will be the axis of Nikon’s new model in 2010″. They predict that D700X will be using the same cropped sensor as D3X and the price will be about 350k yen ($4000 US). They also predict that 14.2 mega pixel APS-C sensor ( the same one currently used on Sony A550) will be the new standard for Nikon’s APS-C camera, and the replacement of D90 (which they call D95) will adapt that sensor. According to them, it will have Full HD video. The least credible of all is listed lenses on the right page.  The source simply states “we want attractive lenses to fully experience new high-megapixel full frame camera”. So lens part is more like a hope than a prediction.

The above was a quote from a Japanese camera magazine, CAPA.

Panasonic: two compact (ie, point-and-shoot) cameras and a Lumix G replacement.

Olympus: several compact cameras.

Pentax: three new compact cameras, which should bring some variety in design.

Sony: a series of compact cameras and an a700 replacement.

Ricoh: new CX2 camera and a new 28-300mm GXR lens.

Samsung: a new k-mount for the Samsung NX-10 is expected, don’t have any other information at that point.

Tamron: two lenses; however, these could be released after PMA 2010.

Hasselblad: Hasselblad might feature whatever they’re releasing for the countdown (update in the link just mentioned contains news that it will be providing a service potentially similar to Canon’s World Of EOS.

Fuji: a new Micro Four-Thirds EVIL model; potentially some digital and film cameras.

Leica: Leica is not attending PMA 2010, but they should be releasing a 35mm Summilux M lens in March. Compact cameras then also are expected.


Possible Canon Rebel DSLR; speculations on Canon releases

Canon Rumors has received these set of specifications, which seem to indicate a new, upcoming Rebel (alternatively ‘other’ 60D specs, although that is highly unlikely):

– Articulating screen
– Metal body, but smaller than 50D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p Video at 30fps
–  Electronic Level
– New battery & battery grip

Speculations: February 9 announcements to contain the 60D and 1Ds Mark IV, as well as companion and individual lenses. We don’t think, at this stage, that Canon will release a Rebel – March or April seems more likely. An EOS 550D could be next (no current rumours on the next Rebel camera aside from ‘550D’, which seems highly probable), or a 1500D/2000D (depending on the name, an update to the 1000D which so far has not been updated since the 450D).


Canon announcements on February 9

From a mixture of sources (including Canon Rumors and Northlight), Canon should be holding announcements on February 9th (not January 9; it would coincide with the middle of CES, highly unlikely thus for a new model to be released. However, due to translation problems, Canon Rumors initially posted under January 9. It has been rectified, and they have received confirmation that the latter date is more accurate.)

– several PowerShot cameras, including high-end IXUS or ELPH models
– a Rebel DSLR (ie, xxxD or xxxxD; Camera Tech assumes an upgrade to the 1000D, be it a 1500D or 2000D, depending on model names)
– possibility of a second DSLR, including a 60D or 1Ds Mark IV; possibly both, but unlikely
– if the 1Ds Mark IV is launched, it is most likely to be launched with some lenses

The only lens that appears to be likely is a 60mm f/2.8 macro to feature an update, giving it IS. Patents were seen in December, 2009, which indicated the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II (recently released) as well. The patent diagram is below (image CR):

For more on the 60mm f/2.8 macro IS II, read the patent here.


Predictions on Canon lenses + DSLRs in 2010

Canon Rumors has put up its annual list of predictions for Canon lenses and DSLRs in 2010.

While some may not be entirely accurate, Canon Rumors is reliable for the most part.

DSLR predictions

Lens predictions


Sony to release two new DSLRs at CES 2010

According to PhotoRumors, Sony could very well be releasing two new DSLRs at the CES show in Las Vegas next year. It runs from the 7th to the 10th of January, 2010.

One is rumoured to be an (Alpha) A450, while the model number of the other is unknown, though expected to be a successor of the (Alpha) A700, which has been listed as ‘no longer available’ on several sites including Adorama.

So far, neither are expected to have video recording.


Nikon D3s officially unveiled

So, all the momentum has built up to this very moment. Coming in a little earlier than we expected (though it is well into the 14th of October for quite a few parts of the world by now), the Nikon D3s high speed DSLR has officially been announced, with the specs almost exactly has rumours predicted. It joins the D3x and possibly the D3, although the D3 has been discontinued.

It features a 12.1 MP sensor, with a whopping (but expected) 14fps 9fps at FX and 11fps at DX crop mode burst frame rate. ISO range is from 200 to 12,800, but can also be boosted to an incredible 102, 400 ISO. 720p at 24 frames HD movie with some special fixing to prevent rolling shutter.

Price will be at around $5,199.95 USD (RRP), and it should be available sometime in November.

Update: contrary to what we previously had said, the D3s offers only 9fps at FX mode.


Canon 1500D/Rebel T1: strong possibility

According to CanonRumors, the Canon 1500D or Rebel T1, is to be announced very soon and is expected to be on sale during the Christmas period. It’s the successor of the 1000D/Rebel XS, and features:

  • 12MP sensor (same as 450D/XSi)
  • DIGIC IV processor
  • Up to HD 1080p (only 30fps at 1080p)
  • 460K dots LCD screen (fixed)
  • 3.5fps

There will be no significant changes in the weight, size or price: price expected to be close to the 1000D’s MSRP when first announced.

It is possible that the 1500D/T1 could have sensor-shift stabilisation.

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