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Nikon updates Camera Control Pro version 2.7.1

Nikon has released Camera Control Pro remote control software version 2.7.1. It now recognises the firmware changes in its D3 and D700 DSLRs, as well as modifies the behaviours of Auto ISO and Focus tracking to reflect the revisions made in the recent firmware updates.

The Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded from the Nikon websites.


Nikon D3x, D3, D700 and D300s firmware updates

Nikon has posted firmware updates for its D3X, D3, D700 & D300S DSLRs. With the latest firmware, all four cameras now support 64GB CompactFlash cards. There are further improvements and bug fixes, and all are available for immediate download from Nikon’s website.

For Windows:

For Mac


Nikon D3 now discontinued

CameraTech is now certain that the Nikon D3 (or D3H) has been discontinued.

Previously, we have speculated, and alongst those reasons now stands this recently released comment from Nikon Canada referring to the availability of the D3S (or D3-s; not to be confused for the plural of the D3) in Canada:

“Dealers are currently fulfilling orders of the D3s against deposits. We do not anticipate any shortages of the D3s with the possible exception of higher than anticipated sales through the December period. If this should happen, there may be a one-week shortage.

There is no requirement by Nikon Canada for a form to be signed stating the camera will not be re-sold. People are possibly confusing the original D3, which was in extremely short supply.

The last line (highlighted in bold above) indicates that the D3 is in extremely low stock; almost certainly due to a discontinuation of the product.

Note that this has not been officially confirmed by Nikon, and the D3(H) still is listed on the Nikon (USA) website.


Nikon D3s officially unveiled

So, all the momentum has built up to this very moment. Coming in a little earlier than we expected (though it is well into the 14th of October for quite a few parts of the world by now), the Nikon D3s high speed DSLR has officially been announced, with the specs almost exactly has rumours predicted. It joins the D3x and possibly the D3, although the D3 has been discontinued.

It features a 12.1 MP sensor, with a whopping (but expected) 14fps 9fps at FX and 11fps at DX crop mode burst frame rate. ISO range is from 200 to 12,800, but can also be boosted to an incredible 102, 400 ISO. 720p at 24 frames HD movie with some special fixing to prevent rolling shutter.

Price will be at around $5,199.95 USD (RRP), and it should be available sometime in November.

Update: contrary to what we previously had said, the D3s offers only 9fps at FX mode.


Nikon D3 could be discontinued

It’s a strong possibility now that the Nikon D3 has been discontinued. That is, they are no longer producing it.

It still lists on Nikon websites, but according to CameraTalk, it has been continued. We assume that’s just to cover until the D3s is announced — just like Nikon has just announced discontinuation of the D300, after letting the stock dwindle following the release of the D300s.

Further signs of discontinuation is that Ritz no longer stocks the D3, and major stores have back orders on D3’s.

Edit: title changed to ‘could be’ as this is not confirmed. We apologise for not having those two words previously.

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