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Canon cameras tested in Vancouver

Canon Rumors has received confirmation that a new Canon body is being tested in Vancouver at the moment – model number unknown.

The same source also mentioned a 1Ds Mark IV release (or 1Ds MK IV) before the end of February.

A 60D, with high fps speed? A 1Ds Mark IV in the beta stages of testing?

Things remain to be seen. Keep a close eye out when watching the Olympics.

Note: according to Canon Rumors, this is ‘CR3’ source; their top tier ranked sources.


Possible Canon Rebel DSLR; speculations on Canon releases

Canon Rumors has received these set of specifications, which seem to indicate a new, upcoming Rebel (alternatively ‘other’ 60D specs, although that is highly unlikely):

– Articulating screen
– Metal body, but smaller than 50D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p Video at 30fps
Р Electronic Level
– New battery & battery grip

Speculations: February 9 announcements to contain the 60D and 1Ds Mark IV, as well as companion and individual lenses. We don’t think, at this stage, that Canon will release a Rebel – March or April seems more likely. An EOS 550D could be next (no current rumours on the next Rebel camera aside from ‘550D’, which seems highly probable), or a 1500D/2000D (depending on the name, an update to the 1000D which so far has not been updated since the 450D).


Canon announcements on February 9

From a mixture of sources (including Canon Rumors and Northlight), Canon should be holding announcements on February 9th (not January 9; it would coincide with the middle of CES, highly unlikely thus for a new model to be released. However, due to translation problems, Canon Rumors initially posted under January 9. It has been rectified, and they have received confirmation that the latter date is more accurate.)

– several PowerShot cameras, including high-end IXUS or ELPH models
– a Rebel DSLR (ie, xxxD or xxxxD; Camera Tech assumes an upgrade to the 1000D, be it a 1500D or 2000D, depending on model names)
– possibility of a second DSLR, including a 60D or 1Ds Mark IV; possibly both, but unlikely
– if the 1Ds Mark IV is launched, it is most likely to be launched with some lenses

The only lens that appears to be likely is a 60mm f/2.8 macro to feature an update, giving it IS. Patents were seen in December, 2009, which indicated the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II (recently released) as well. The patent diagram is below (image CR):

For more on the 60mm f/2.8 macro IS II, read the patent here.


Canon 60D + Lenses

Canon could be testing a 60D as well as some new lenses, from what a reader from CanonRumors has suggested.

According to the tip, Canon has been testing an APS-C body (specifications below) and two other lenses (also listed below). The APS-C body could very well be a 60D.

18mp APS-C
Single Processor (DIGIC V?)
Looks like a 50D, but has a dedicated video button
1080p Video (no info on framerates)
Less weathersealing than the 7D

The same person claims to also be testing the 24-70 f/2.8L II IS and a 100-200 f/2L IS.

The credibility of this appears to be somewhat true; however, the Canon 7D already has an 18MP sensor with 8fps. However, as noted above, the 1.7fps of the 60D is a relatively big difference, there is only one processor and it appears to will have less weather-sealing than the 7D.

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