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Leaf unveils Aptus II 8 digital back

From their press release:

TEL AVIV, February 12, 2010 – Leaf Imaging today announced the Leaf Aptus-II 8 medium format digital camera back. The company’s newest addition to the Leaf Aptus-II product family, the Leaf Aptus-II 8 features a resolution of 40 MP. At a capture rate of under 0.8 seconds per frame, it delivers a sustainable burst of 60 full resolution images per minute, making it the industry’s fastest digital back.

The Leaf Aptus-II 8 features the same high quality sensor technology as Leaf’s flagship product, the Leaf Aptus-II 10, a 56 MP camera back. This system is geared towards professional photographers looking for the highest available quality at an affordable price.

“Professional photographers already rely on Leaf for accurate color rendering that adds shape and superior film-like quality,” said Ziv Argov, Director of Marketing, Leaf Imaging Ltd.  “The Leaf Aptus-II 8 is designed to deliver superior image quality, with true to life skin tones for portrait and fashion assignments, and richly detailed images for any technical photography requirements.”

Delivering a combination of the highest quality captures and the fastest digital back system, the Leaf Aptus-II 8 also offers professional photographers unmatched flexibility:

  • A choice of connecting to more than 80 different camera platforms;
  • The ability to connect to large format cameras;
  • An open file format with the choice of tethered shooting to
    either Leaf Capture or Capture One software applications.

Specifications highlights:
CCD: 44 x 33mm, 40 Megapixel
Largest file size: 240 MB 16 bit TIFF
ISO: 80-800
Capture rate: 0.8 sec/frame

Leaf Aptus-II Product Family
The Leaf Aptus-II series of digital backs offers professional photographers the speed, image quality and flexibility to allow their work to keep pace with their imaginations. Designed to support photographers wherever they are shooting, Leaf Aptus-II series backs offer the largest display, 3.5” (6×7 cm), and only touch screen controls in the medium format market.

Pricing and Availability
The Leaf Aptus-II 8 camera back is priced at €13.995 and is now available for orders.
The Leaf Aptus-II 8 ships with both Leaf Capture v.11 and Capture One v.5 workflow software.


Hasselblad releases H4D-40 and Hasseblad Owners’ Club service

Note: Camera Tech apologises for the tardiness of this report, which should have been posted several days ago (2/2/10).

The H4D-40 by Hasselblad has been released.

A quote from Hasselblad’s website says,

At Hasselblad, we’ve been taking image quality to new and unexplored heights for over fifty years now. And now, we are proud to announce the launch of the new Hasselblad H4D-40, bringing ultimate image quality to an entirely new generation of photographers. The H4D-40 will help your photography to grow in ways you never dreamed possible.

As easy to use as any 35mm camera and featuring a 40 Megapixel Medium Format sensor, our easy to use new Phocus 2.0 software, and the new True Focus AF, the H4D-40 provides the perfect entry point into the Hasselblad world. The H4D-40 gives you full access to the entire Hasselblad system of software, lenses, and features and has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding high-end commercial photographers – and yours.

We are launching the H4D-40 at special “hands-on” events in over 50 cities throughout the world starting February 10, 2010. To find a launch event near you click on the link to the right.

The H4D-40 kit, that comes with camera body, 80mm lens and viewfinder is available at a RRP of USD $19,955 (or £12,995, which includes the company’s Phocus 2.0 software.

The website also said,

February 10th will also see the launch of an exciting new area on the Hasselblad website, the Hasselblad Owners’ Club.

– which is in relevance to our predictions earlier.


Nikon expectations for 2010: “plan to surprise the market”

From an interview with Hiroshi Takashima (General Manger of Imaging Division at Nikon) at Photofair:

Q: What can we expect from Nikon in 2010?

A: We plan to surprise the market. We will concentrate only on better quality and better line-up of cameras. So you can expect surprises.

This, perhaps, suggests that Nikon is about to dabble into EVIL cameras – also known as Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens cameras, or most commonly as interchangeable lens cameras; examples include Olympus’ E-P1.

Tetsuro Goto has already previously mentioned, on the subject of EVF (Electronic Viewfinders):

“In the near future, it is possible that we will also use electronic viewfinders, but for now the quality is not there yet.”

It is a possibility that Nikon is working on it, and ‘near future’ might turn up to be very near indeed.


Hasselblad teaser suggests new camera

The following image was featured on Hasselblad’s website recently (image PR):

This suggests a new medium format camera or something of the sort. Tomorrow (ie, the 1st of February), should bring an announcement from Hasselblad as previously noted earlier. They should be providing some sort of service, one we assume is similar in many aspects to Canon’s World of EOS – to cater to photographers.


Samsung patents 28mm f1.4 and possible 3D camera

Samsung has patented a 28mm f/1.4, 75 degree FOV (44mm image diagonal lens; full frame).

It brings curiosity, as the Samsung GX DSLR line is now no longer proceeding.

In other news, there was a flier at Samsung’s booth at CES 2010, which featured a drawing of a 3D camera that looked very similar to Fujifilm’s 3D camera.


Samsung NX10 released

The heavily speculated Samsung NX10 has finally been released. The NX10 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera; much like the Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic DMC-GH1. It features a 14.6MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor, with a 3″ AMOLED screen. HD movie is also another notable feature.

The press release stated,

…The NX10 incorporates a fast and decisive auto focus (AF), 14.6 MP APS-C size CMOS sensor and unique, large 3.0” AMOLED screen, allowing users to easily view their images, even in bright sunlight. Users can also record in HD movie to create the full story. Available in two colors, Noble Black and Titan Silver, the Samsung NX10 is small, light and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum portability for everyday use.


Free FL-14 flash with each Olympus E-P1

Olympus is offering a free FL-14 flash with each Olympus E-P1 micro four-thirds camera, for all European customers.

The promotion begins on the 12th of December in the UK, and the 15th of December in mainland Europe. It is only applicable when purchased in a body-only or kit lens package.

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