Update on Nikon D7000, D4000 + D400 rumours

Update (24 Dec): CameraTech has been reviewing Nikon’s roadmap over the past few years, and now believe that though the specifications given below (and with the Nikon D7000) may not be entirely accurate – in other words, unconfirmed – we do think that the models will be genuine and thus released at the approximate time given.

Alongside our previous post, there is more:

The specs given … for the D7000 are final and pretty much certain. Details on the D4000 & D400 however are a bit less so, but the concept of each of those two cameras, like what each replaces and which sensor it uses, that at least is sure. It is also sure that D5000 was a transitional camera not a beginning of a new series.

We also have word on a D4000 and D400:

Replaces D3000/D5000.
Announcement in 2nd half of 2010.
12MP CMOS sensor.
No AF motor.
OVF & AF module same as D3000/D5000.
3.5 FPS.
Live View*, but no video.
Fixed 230K LCD.

Replaces D300S.
Announcement in 1st half of 2011.
16MP or higher* CMOS sensor (same new sensor as upcoming Sony A700 replacement).
AF motor still there.
8 FPS (without the grip).
Live View & special* high quality 1080 video.
Articulated* 920K LCD.
OVF & AF module same as D300S.”

However, as also with the D7000, we are somewhat sceptical of these models. The comment that the D5000 was only a transitional camera could be true, but the rest has not been confirmed whatsoever and we believe these to not be entirely valid; in other words, they may be true, but unconfirmed.


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