M4/3 Fuji Micro-S10EXR: ‘is real’

The Fujifilm m4/3 is real.

Thom Hogan wrote the above text in DPReview.

Lately, there have been rumours about Fujifilm producing a 4/3’s camera. This is the first ‘outright’ claim that it is real, and it very well could be. PhotoRumors places the specs as

…will have a 4/3rd 12MP EXR sensor, that shares a lot of its technologies and modes with current Fuji EXR compacts, just in a much larger sensor area and pixel size. The MS10 will be intermediate in form factor between the E-P1 and the GH1. It will have sensor shift stabilization, a substantial hand grip, tilt & swivel (similar in design to D5000), and a built-in EVF that is more akin to the EVF’s of Fuji compacts than to that of the GH1. The entire body is made by Fuji or designed for them specially to fit the MS10 (ie nothing is cloned from any of the current M4/3 bodies except for the mount & standards of course). For lenses however, the MS10 will have to use any of the available lens options for M4/3. The camera will be marketed with EXR sensor as its main selling point.

Specs may vary, but a Fuji 4/3’s camera shouldn’t be far off.


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