Canon cameras tested in Vancouver

Canon Rumors has received confirmation that a new Canon body is being tested in Vancouver at the moment – model number unknown.

The same source also mentioned a 1Ds Mark IV release (or 1Ds MK IV) before the end of February.

A 60D, with high fps speed? A 1Ds Mark IV in the beta stages of testing?

Things remain to be seen. Keep a close eye out when watching the Olympics.

Note: according to Canon Rumors, this is ‘CR3’ source; their top tier ranked sources.


Leaf unveils Aptus II 8 digital back

From their press release:

TEL AVIV, February 12, 2010 – Leaf Imaging today announced the Leaf Aptus-II 8 medium format digital camera back. The company’s newest addition to the Leaf Aptus-II product family, the Leaf Aptus-II 8 features a resolution of 40 MP. At a capture rate of under 0.8 seconds per frame, it delivers a sustainable burst of 60 full resolution images per minute, making it the industry’s fastest digital back.

The Leaf Aptus-II 8 features the same high quality sensor technology as Leaf’s flagship product, the Leaf Aptus-II 10, a 56 MP camera back. This system is geared towards professional photographers looking for the highest available quality at an affordable price.

“Professional photographers already rely on Leaf for accurate color rendering that adds shape and superior film-like quality,” said Ziv Argov, Director of Marketing, Leaf Imaging Ltd.  “The Leaf Aptus-II 8 is designed to deliver superior image quality, with true to life skin tones for portrait and fashion assignments, and richly detailed images for any technical photography requirements.”

Delivering a combination of the highest quality captures and the fastest digital back system, the Leaf Aptus-II 8 also offers professional photographers unmatched flexibility:

  • A choice of connecting to more than 80 different camera platforms;
  • The ability to connect to large format cameras;
  • An open file format with the choice of tethered shooting to
    either Leaf Capture or Capture One software applications.

Specifications highlights:
CCD: 44 x 33mm, 40 Megapixel
Largest file size: 240 MB 16 bit TIFF
ISO: 80-800
Capture rate: 0.8 sec/frame

Leaf Aptus-II Product Family
The Leaf Aptus-II series of digital backs offers professional photographers the speed, image quality and flexibility to allow their work to keep pace with their imaginations. Designed to support photographers wherever they are shooting, Leaf Aptus-II series backs offer the largest display, 3.5” (6×7 cm), and only touch screen controls in the medium format market.

Pricing and Availability
The Leaf Aptus-II 8 camera back is priced at €13.995 and is now available for orders.
The Leaf Aptus-II 8 ships with both Leaf Capture v.11 and Capture One v.5 workflow software.


Camera Tech looking for staff

Please email us at cameratechblog@gmail.com to join our team.

Though we’re not exactly offering six-figured sums, if anyone is interested in joining us, please contact us as soon as possible.

The successful applicant – though prior experience in whatever field is not necessary, time and availability is required – will be aiding in sourcing and posting updates.


Apples releases Aperture 3

Apple has released Aperture 3, its latest edition of the popular digital post-processing workflow program.

A quote from their press release:

CUPERTINO, California—February 9, 2010—Apple® today introduced Aperture™ 3, the next major release of its powerful photo editing and management software, with over 200 new features including Faces, Places and Brushes. Building on the innovative Faces and Places features introduced in iPhoto® ’09, Aperture 3 makes it even easier and faster to organize large photo libraries. Aperture 3 introduces new tools to refine your photos including Brushes for painting image adjustments onto parts of your photo, and Adjustment Presets for applying professional photo effects with just one click. Stunning new slideshows let you share your work by weaving together photos, audio, text and HD video.

“Millions of people love using iPhoto to organize, edit and share their digital photos,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Aperture 3 is designed for both professionals who edit and manage massive libraries of photos and iPhoto users who want to take their photos further with easy-to-use tools such as Brushes and Adjustment Presets.”

“Aperture 3 gets it right,” said National Geographic photographer, Jim Richardson. “The image editing tools are exactly what I have been asking for, they’re so easy to use and give me a level of control that I never even thought possible.”

“I chose Aperture because it was the most powerful archiving application around, but it’s now an unbelievable imaging tool as well,” said Bill Frakes, Sports Illustrated staff photographer. “I am beyond impressed with the massive changes made in Aperture 3.”

Aperture 3 allows you to organize large photo libraries with even more flexibility using Projects and the new Faces and Places. Faces uses face detection and recognition to find and organize your photos by the people in them. You can view faces across your entire photo library or view just the faces that appear in selected projects. In a new view that speeds up the organization process, Aperture 3 displays faces that have been detected but haven’t yet been named. Places lets you explore your photos based on where they were taken, and like in iPhoto, Places automatically reverse geocodes GPS data into user-friendly locations. In Aperture 3, you can assign locations by dragging-and-dropping photos onto a map or by using location information from GPS enabled cameras, tracking devices or your iPhone® photos.

The new Brushes feature allows you to add professional touches to your photos by simply painting effects onto the image. Aperture 3 includes 15 Quick Brushes that perform the most popular tasks like Dodge, Burn, Polarize and Blur, without the complexity of layers or masks. Brushes can automatically detect edges in your images to let you apply or remove effects exactly where you want them. Aperture 3 includes dozens of Adjustment Presets that apply a specific style or look to the entire image with just a click. You can create your own custom presets or explore the techniques of other photographers by importing theirs.

Aperture 3 makes it easy to share your work with stunning slideshows that weave together photos, audio, text and HD video. You can select one of six Apple designed themes or choose your own transitions, background, borders and titles, and even add your own soundtrack. You can export your slideshows directly to iTunes® to take with you on your iPhone or iPod touch®. You can also share photographs as beautiful prints, create custom-designed hardcover books and publish to online photo sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr, right from Aperture 3.

It is available for purchase on Apple’s online store as well as their retails stores for a RRP of $199 USD, or a price of $99 USD to upgrade for previous Aperture users. A thirty day trial version is available for download from Apple’s website.


Nikon posts D3S firmware update (v1.01)

Nikon has posted version 1.01 firmware update for the Nikon D3s.

Firmware v1.01 fixes errors relating to movie recording, exposure preview, live view and the ‘CHA’ error message displayed while using some CF cards. As well as that, it also revises the simplified Chinese menu.

Firmware update download for Windows

Firmware update download for Mac


Nikon releases Nikkor AF-S 24mm f/1.4G ED

Note: due to connection problems, this has been posted a day late. We apologise for the inconvience.

Nikon has released its Nikkor AF-S 24mm F/1.4G ED wide aperture prime lens for full-frame DSLRs.

The 24mm lens features an anti-reflective Nano Crystal coating and ED and aspherical lens elements to help reduce distortion and chromatic aberration. The lens is weather-resistant and includes a Silent Wave Motor for quieter autofocus operation.

The lens will come with a recommended selling price of $2199.95/€2149.00/£1949.99.


Nikon releases its Nikkor AF-S 16-35mm f/4 VR

Note: due to connection problems, this has been posted a day late. We apologise for the inconvience.

Nikon has released its Nikkor AF-S 16-35mm f/4 VR, which is the first ultra-wide angle lens for full frame ever to have image stabilisation.

The AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR lens includes a Silent Wave Motor and VR II technology, which Nikon claims provides up to four stops benefit against camera shake when hand-holding. The lens also includes Nano Crystal coating to combat flare, a magnesium alloy barrel and weather sealing.

The lens will come with a recommended selling price (RRP) of $1259.95/€1199.00/£1049.99.

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